Wanna Cum Bi?

Video language: English

Last time Michael DelRay and his wife Charlie Valentine went to visit their friend Cesar Xes things got a little wild. In fact it got so wild Michael found himself on the end of an assfucking he was not ready for. Well this time things will be different. If anybody is doing the assfucking it will be Michael. So just as predicted the couple ends up in another bisexual coupling with Cesar and Michael immediately asserts his authority putting his cock in Cesar’s mouth. Charlie is having a blast frotting the cocks and getting each man to fuck her as they inhale each other’s cock. Soon Michael is balls deep in Cesar’s ass. Triple stacking and riding up on the top Charlie is in heaven. Soon Michael is filling Cesar’s ass with cum and Charlie gets her pussy filled with man juice as well.

Total size: 1.3 GB in 1 files.

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