Innocence Lost


Launch Year: 1987
Workshop: Catalina
Cast: Breezy Lane Eric Manchester Jeff Quinn John Davenport Megan Givers Paul Carson Stacey Donovan
Categories: Bisexual/ Hardcore/ Sex
Video clip language: English

Eric Manchester as well as Stacey Donovan obtain active under some staircases. They likewise obtain it on in a limousine while Jeff Quinn is driving. Eric Manchester as well as Jeff Quinn fuck Breezy Lane in a veggie division. John Davenport as well as Paul Carson do Megan Givers on phase. Megan Givers as well as Breezy Lane vibrator Jeff Quinn. There’s also a scene where everybody enters an orgy on an internet of tires.
Possibly among the extra pricey looking bisexual video clips, it complies with the experiences of a turning pair as well as their driver. Couple Paul Carson (a.k.a. Eric Manchester) as well as Stacey Donovan appear of a bar so warm to run that she decreases on him in the street behind the trash bin as well as he fucks her in the butt! After he’s orgasm he pushes his penis back in her butt for some extra; they quickly remain to lick as well as paw each various other in the rear of their limousine, mindful that the good-looking motorist, Jeff Quinn (from the metro scene in Bit By Bit), is viewing with passion while rubbing his pud. As Eric begins to eat in restaurants her vaginal area, she groans as well as moans. Quiting at a grocery store, a madcap three-way ensues in the fruit and vegetables division, a now-famous scene (many thanks to its panache as well as range) which definitely made this movie ever-popular. Sexy Stacey is the abundant stimulant, advising both lovely people on (as well as up), smearing their bodies with tomatoes as well as grapes. Eric quickly draws on Jeff’s butthole; Eric fucks Jeff while Jeff fucks Stacey on the food stand (we obtain great shots of the three-way plug-in). This movie likewise consists of a flexible three-way on phase in a sex club that culminates with John Davenport firing a long-distance lots. Below, Megan Givers strips for the group, specifically turned on John as well as Mike Ryan. They start to touch her on phase as well as she obtains his lips full of John’s significant beef. John connects Megan’s asshole while she draws off Mike; John rakes Mike’s hole also. Later On, Breezy Lane bands on a vibrator as well as rams it up Jeff’s butt while he fucks Nikki Randall. The ending of the motion picture includes all 8 entertainers having an orgy in a substantial put on hold sling constructed from fifty tires. Every one of the women drop on the young boys as well as the young boys eat in restaurants the women. The activity changes as well as girl-girl, boy-boy pairs develop for drawing as well as fucking. An all-star actors as well as a glossy manufacturing aid make this set of the most effective bisexual movies so far. The sex-related desert is vital as well as the star’s efficiencies, in addition to the digital photography as well as crisp close-ups, are first-class.

Layout: MPEG
Period: 1:05:08
Video clip: 352×240, MPEG-1, 1123kbps
Sound: 218kbps

Submit dimension: 649.8 MEGABYTES

Date: December 31, 2021

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